Connect multiple pilot headsets to your Computer... with USB!

Flight Simulator USB Intercom System for multi-pilot use.

The DUAL adapter is a high quality USB sound card, custom-made for 1 or 2 Aviation Headsets.



Use your own aviation headset for flight simulation training scenarios...
  • Fact 1:
    Real-world flying is expensive! It is well known that Flight Simulation software enables pilots to maximise their proficiency thereby reducing flying training hours.
  • Fact 2:
    A headset is often the biggest part of an aircraft that an individual actually owns and is an important, psychologically reassuring and comforting instrument.
  • The DUAL connects these two realities. The device enables flight training students to learn with tools that they are familiar with, thereby ultimately having a positive impact upon flight safety.
  • Additionally, the DUAL features two channels, allowing for inter-communication between two separate headsets. Each user has their own volume control option and also a separate squelch control which allows for varying degrees of background noise elimination.


    Get added duty from your headset by using it with software programs like Skype!

    • While PC-headsets are often built to low standards, aviation headsets are high quality, robust devices. Why not increase their ‘up-time’ by utilising them with computer audio applications such as Skype etc?
    • Internal amplifiers boost the microphone and headphone levels necessary for driving these high-impedance Aviation Headsets. Don’t be fooled by cheaper adapters, which omit this feature!


    Bring the realism of your virtual flight environment to unprecedented levels...

    • Users are increasingly exposing themselves to unprecedented levels of flight simulation realism with internet based/online environments. Real people are flying virtual VFR/IFR routes controlled by real-life virtual ATC operators.
    • In addition to being functional, Aviation headsets greatly enhance the sound and feel of the simulation environment in a way that no ordinary computer-based headset could ever achieve. Computer headsets often have no microphone feedback and may feel cold, remote and uninvolving.
    • With DUAL allowing multiple headsets, you can now talk to a copilot via the cockpit simulator's audio intercom for a realistic experience.

    4. SO EASY

    Just plug and play ... and you’re ready to go!
    • DUAL is designed to be as easy to use as possible - no additional software, no batteries, no external power sources - just one standard USB cable. Just ‘plug and play’!
    • When users have finished with the device, simply unplug it, and the computer will revert to its original audio settings.
    The DUAL adapter is a great accessory for serious pilots!

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