Flight Sounds Link Cable

Want an intercom with more channels?

Now you can!

  • Connect two, three, four, or more DUALPRO together!
    (Or Connect a single DUAL to a DUALPRO)
  • Using the Link Cable - simply connect the Intercom Link IN on the first DUAL PRO, with the Intercom Link OUT on the second DUALPRO (Or DUAL).   
  • One Link Cable is required to connect two DUALPROs
    Two Link Cables are required to connect three DUALPROs
    Three Link Cables are required to connect four DUALPROs  etc.

  • Use the Link cable to also connect the DUALPRO to a Device (eg: Smart phone)

  • Black 2m audio cable.
A great accessory for DUAL / DUAL PRO owners wanting to expand their intercom system