Realistic Flight Experience

Realistic Flight Experience with Flight Sounds

Realistic Flight Experience Benefits:

  • Enables you to use real aviation headsets with your simulator.
  • Easily connect your Aviation Headset to your Computer.
  • Adapters available for General Aviation, Helicopter, and Military headsets.
  • The internal USB sound card means the option exists to route different simulator sounds to different audio outputs!
  • DUAL supports independent volume and squelch controls and the ability to use Push To Talk for realistic communication with virtual ATC.
  • The internal intercom feature on DUAL allows you converse with your co-pilot as you would in a real world aircraft.
  • Experience no distracting voice delays - all adapters have a zero latency (side tone) feature.
  • Fly solo or train with your co-pilot? With DUAL, you have the option to connect multiple headsets.
  • Want to take more passengers? With DUAL LINK, you can connect two DUAL for up-to four headsets!