Improved Dual

Update on Recent Design Changes

Customers may see some images or videos of our previous generation DUAL showing two PTT connectors on the rear of the device. The present DUAL-GA units however are a more recent model, which include some exciting new developments. 

Why we removed hardware PTT support from the DUAL-GA:
  • We surveyed hundreds of our customers about their experience with the DUAL intercom product - and the feedback was extremely positive! 
  • Regarding their specific feedback on PTT we found most customers chose to implement their own PTT solution by using their own PTT switches on (say) their joystick.
  • Therefore, for the most recent version of the DUAL, we chose to remove PTT and focus on features that add better value to our DUAL customers.

New and Improved Features on DUAL-GA:

  • We have upgraded the Audio Amplifiers for a more powerful and realistic audio experience. 
  • We have redesigned the Microphone Squelch, to better eliminate background noise!